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Having a deep understanding of the parcels of land allows growers to more carefully select and designate the raw material. In this way, each wine can pursue its own clearly defined identity. Each wine is a blueprint that aims to excel within its type. Fattoria di Petrognano produces five labels: three types of Sangiovese, two Trebbiano and one wine made from international grapes. Fattoria di Petrognano's reds are MEME Chianti Superiore, MEME Chianti Superiore Riserva, Orci Sangiovese and Valente. Trebbiano and Orci Trebbiano are instead the two whites that have led to the rediscovery of Tuscan Trebbiano.

Our philosophy
«Winemaking is not an exact science. There is no one method used to produce wine. Instead, there are a variety of principles and possible ways to optimise the results, especially if we think of the multiple types of wine produced all over the world. It’s important to emphasise that what are considered the “great” wines are born in their vineyards and always represent their land of origin and the expert hands that craft them. My husband Emanuele and I are convinced that, in addition to know-how and the right technologies, it’s essential to have an innate sensitivity and strong passion, both of which are necessary to work closely with nature and feel its potential. We’ve made this Petrognano's philosophy by pairing on-site research with a desire to create, and place love into every bottle».