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Together with the choice of local varietals, the other key element of Fattoria di Petrognano’s new programme is the shift to organic. Pellegrini has begun a shift toward a mature programme that works in harmony with nature and is conscious of the fact that this is the best way to showcase all that the region has to offer, resulting in high-quality wines. The choice of organic production is not only tied to the value of the product, but also to responsibility: Fattoria di Petrognano has been a certified organic wine producer since 2017; the results that it has achieved over the years has reinforced the conviction that technical choices that strike a balance with nature are important not only to enhance the expressiveness of the wines, but also to safeguard the environment where the wines are produced. In line with this goal, the company has decided to adopt a new winegrowing management model that is both specific and modular: the Animavitis® model.

This company has benefited from the support of the sub-measure 21.1 "Exceptional temporary help for farmhouses and educational farms particularly affected by the Covid-19 crisis" of the Tuscany Region RDP 230214-2020.