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The Pellegrini family inaugurates new projects with an eye to the future

The Pellegrini family’s bonds with the world of wine date back to the end of the eighteenth century, first when it opened a tavern, and later when it began selling wine and must on a wholesale basis in the northern Italian region of Lombardy. When it acquired Fattoria di Petrognano in the 1960s, the family’s winegrowing experience began, and they have remained directly involved in wine production ever since. Emanuele Pellegrini, who is at the helm of the company today, represents the fourth generation of Fattoria di Petrognano and is leading it down a new path carved out with fundamental principles: showcasing tradition through the spirit of applied research, environmental sustainability and great passion. The bond between Emanuele Pellegrini and Monica Rossetti, partners in both life and work, is the best representation of this new philosophy. Their goal is to elevate the quality of their wine by emphatically committing to purity and authenticity. An oenologist tracing her roots through both Italy and Brazil and the wife of Emanuele, Monica oversees the business’s technical aspects. It is through this pairing that the Pellegrini family has opened itself up to international horizons and innovation. The company has always bottled the product of its own vines; combined with its great respect for the region's traditions, this guarantees and strengthens the value of Fattoria di Petrognano’s wines. By remaining steadfast to these principles, Emanuele and Monica look to the future to create new wines.

Emanuele Pellegrini in the cellar of Fattoria di Petrognano

“In launching our new management model, we wanted to give the company a new approach and focus on three core principles: showcasing our local varietals, modernising the vineyard, and organic-only production. These choices reflect our desire to infuse Petrognano’s wines with a strong regional character by showcasing and reflecting where they are produced. With Monica’s arrival, the company implemented a precision wine-making process, individual plot management, and a series of new plans reflecting the philosophy of “as natural as possible”. This approach further strengthened the concept of identity in both the wine and the wine cellar“.

Emanuele Pellegrini bought the farm in 1963 giving life to Fattoria di Petrognano
The grandson, which bears the same name, Emanuele, now runs the company together with oenologist Monica Rossetti